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Boomerang Dad

The film property is complete and ready to produce for wide release in movie theaters, Netflix, or Hulu; and the PsyC system is an advanced development opportunity that involves two stages.  Let us clarify for you.

First, the film property consists of:

* the completed screenplay, and extensive monetization elements based on the story:

* the outline for a landmark real-time video game,

* an original series of toys,

* international events that take place in the movie and in the real world such as The World’s Greatest Paper Airplane Contest.  (An event Cary ONeal already produced previously that reached 100 million people in worldwide news coverage).

To synopsize the basic story, the underachieving father gets in front of the mirror on the day his baby boy is being born and vows to God that his son will not suffer the same business hardship that he has suffered.  But in his overreaction forcing an early education on his baby, it backfires as his son just happens to be a genius. He absorbs all the teachings about making money but doesn’t get the good ethics.  So he proceeds to create a global enterprise at the age of eight and essentially becomes the 21st century nightmare as the logical mind set loose on the world.  Imagine him as the embodiment of artificial intelligence with no ethics. In his full blown momentum, he meets a little girl who represents the heart, and her impact on him begins to turn him around toward good ethics and doing the right thing. In the meantime, he has discovered a big powerful bad guy building a nuclear powered laser in outer space.  When the bad guy discovers the kid is hacking into his system, he sets out to kill him and his parents. Stay tuned for the grand finale.

The PsyC system is partially introduced in the movie as “StarBrain” and is only depicted as manifesting one small aspect of its ultimate real world manifestation: an advanced personality development system projected to generate approximately $4 billion per year once operational.

The two stages of the PsyC roll out include:

  1. The development of the proprietary algorithms, data bases, and processing system; and
  2. Generating real world and online group interaction meetings that essentially eliminate the esoteric limiting aspects found in current 12 step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, as well as the current negative psychological elements being expressed by millions of people in AA and other types of existing recovery meetings around the world. Free from these two elements of esoteric limiting and negative psychologies, this new 7 Step Discovery Process reaches a much greater spectrum of people and is ready for use and engagement by the billions of people experiencing challenges with all forms of obsessive compulsive behavior. While this can appear far reaching, the global need for this system is vast.

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