* PsyC White Paper

Almost a third of the world’s population suffers from mild-to-severe psychological challenges and life-threatening addictions. Although multi-step recovery programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, have helped millions of people, modern cyber technology opens unprecedented opportunities to engage billions who remain in the shadows, plagued by addiction and personality impairment. A new, sophisticated Internet-based system has the potential to create a positive path to liberation by harnessing the power of entertainment and social media, precluding staggering losses to corporations, government and society in general, while capturing a substantial share of a market that tops $200 billion per year.

Psyberceuticals TM  or simply “PsyC” is an advanced psychological engagement system that utilizes systems never available before now to go deeper and more powerful into a person’s psyche for positive transformation, healing, and engagement.  Participating in the system with a sincere desire and commitment to grow and evolve emotionally, psychologically, and behaviorally will bring the real possibility of an essentially new transformed person. PsyC will help people identify perceptual, emotional, and behavioral patterns, and deal with mild to strong disorders through never before available mass specialized knowledge and engagement systems.


Researchers estimate that more than 300 million people suffer from alcohol abuse, and another 300 million are imprisoned by dependency on prescription drugs, such as oxycontin, vicodin, valium and a full spectrum of antidepressants, powerful new strains of marijuana, and the hard-core demons—cocaine and heroin. Globally, more than two billion men, women and children are afflicted to some degree by neurosis, psychosis, manic depression, bi-polarity, biological or chemical imbalances and obsessive compulsive behavior. An estimated 50 percent of these are unidentified, and a majority are either unaware or reject the notion that anything is amiss.

However, the negative impact of these impaired citizens-of-the-world is profound. Billions of dollars in damages are inflicted on entities ranging from corporations and government agencies to educational institutions, communities and families. Some effects are mildly disruptive or annoying; others are as deadly as a drunk driver or a whacked out gunman invading a church or workplace.

Addressing this epidemic of suffering and addiction is a multi-billion-dollar industry dedicated to self-discovery, healing and connecting with a “higher power” consistent with one’s culture and belief system. Market Watch claims the drug-rehabilitation sector topped $35 billion in 20141. GBI Research analyses show that the global market for antidepressants to treat only four indications—Major Depressive Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Personality Disorder—is about $12 billion per year. Nevertheless, few, if any, prescription chemicals available today prevent or cure depression and anxiety.

In the United States, psychologists, social workers and marriage counselors are paid $15 billion every year and benefit from a 4.6 percent annual growth rate, according to IBIS World research. Renowned contemporary speakers and perennial classics, such as Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking, constitute another $10-billion-per-year self-help sector. This burgeoning industry also includes a number of international “movements” that rely on 12-Step programs emulating the system pioneered by Alcoholic Anonymous (AA).

Finally, cost-effective broadband technology has enabled global connectivity and bred an explosion of online education products projected to yield $107 billion in 2017. And yet, the inherent potential of melding Internet-based systems and technology-driven enhancements with AA-type multi-step rehabilitation programs has yet to be fully tapped and exploited for beneficial self-evaluation and -discovery.

Without question, the need for such cutting-edge, sophisticated discovery processes is massive. They would never admit to being mentally or emotionally challenged or “sick,” but millions of people are hurting and have no way to deal with negative thoughts—the incessant “noise” in their minds that often manifest as destructive or unproductive behavior. But there’s new hope for these pained souls: PsyC, a 21st Century preemptive system that builds on proven rehabilitation models by incorporating advancements in psychology and cyber technology.

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