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Mr. Malibu personifies the world famous Malibu lifestyle and Malibu Heart Conscience  through exciting and thought provoking  interaction with global influencers. When one thinks of Malibu, images of the ocean, palm tress, and sunshine come to mind.  Mr. Malibu activates the inner Malibu image of the beautiful ocean of the heart, trees of life, and sunshine of the Spirit through focus on dynamic loving transformation to inspire others.  Mr. Malibu has practiced meditation and affirmations most of his life, and listened to thousands of hours of spiritual discourses from well known luminaries in this field. Mr. Malibu major interviews are deep and powerful; playful and thought provoking.  Mr. Malibu personifies passion, magnetism, charisma, and brilliance. He believes pollution and world problems on the outside are a reflection of what is happening within us.

Riding the waves of a rare global influence from Malibu, Mr. Malibu brings content that is centered on human dynamics­–the power of thought, benefit of meditation, and practice of affirmations as they drive what we do and feel.  Mr. Malibu raises awareness through events, videos, press releases, and famous interviews to build together a sustainable earth in caring for the well being of all people and all wildlife.

“A belief is nothing more than a repetitive thought.  Thoughts we think about ourselves over and over again; thoughts about our personality, our body, our ability to achieve what we want in this lifetime, thoughts about our lovability, our ability to attract others, our ability to be free, our ability to be free from doubt and fear– all repetitive thoughts that have occurred over and over again in our minds – those thoughts have created our belief about ourselves and the world we live in.  This is why I have dedicated my time to creating the 7 Step Discovery Process to activate inner freedom.”  –  Mr. Malibu

Mr. Malibu is the ultimate positive catalytic disruptor.